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Vietnamese Holidays - 2015

Jan.      1st:                   International New Year
Jan.      28th – Feb 05th:       Vietnamese New Year (Lunar New Year)
Apr.     09th:               Vietnamese Hung Kings Commemoration Day
Apr.     30th:               Vietnamese Liberation / Reunification Day
May     1st:                    International Labor Day
Sept.    2nd:                  Vietnamese National Day



Lao Holidays - 2015

Jan.      1st:                    International New Year

Mar.     8th:                   International Women's Day

Apr.     14th-17th:     Lao New Year

May     1st:                    International Labour Day

Oct.      09th:                 Lao Boat Racing Festival

Nov.    06th:                 That Luang Festival

Dec.     2nd:                    Lao National Day


If a public holiday falls during the weekend, it is observed on the following Monday.