J.M. Somers – Chairman
The Chairman and Founder of Venture, J M Somers hails from a family that has been long involved in the textile industry, a background that has been enhanced as he is a graduate of textile engineering. A migration to Africa also lent him valuable experience in the areas of textile and garment manufacturing.

The early 70s saw him migrating to Asia where he was involved with the manufacture of men’s dress shirts before venturing laterally into a trading environment in Hong Kong. The early 80s witnessed Mr. Somers managing German-owned factories in Sri Lanka. A move to Ho Chi Minh in 1987 resulted in his pioneer status as one the first Dutch entrepreneurs to begin exporting garments from Vietnam after the country’s liberation. Subsequently, in 1992, he moved north to establish the 100%-foreign-owned factory in the Hai Duong province, the current location for the pioneer manufacturing plant. Mr. Somers is a keen animal lover and indulges his passion for animals during his personal time.

Tran Hai Yen – C.E.O.
Our C.E.O. has loyally served the company since its inception in Hanoi and has been deeply involved with the growth as well as each individual development of the company, bringing her service to well over 15 years. She is a graduate of the Foreign Trade University of Hanoi, having graduated in 1992 with a degree in Economics.

Our C.E.O. has successfully managed relationships with all Government authorities and concerned stakeholders. Currently, she handles the operations of the Vietnam Head Office and production facilities. She is known to be an avid chess player and spends much free time pursuing her hobby.


Tran Quoc Khanh – C.F.O.

Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh holds Master Degree from Swinburne University of Technology Australia in Finance and Accouting Faculty. He has over 15 years experiences of finance, accouting in various industrials as semiconductor, consumer, education and garments.

He has been working for big multinational companies from Japan, UK and Vietnam. In October 2012, he joined Venture International Joint Stock Company as a Chief Finance Officer with prime mission to enhance finance and accounting system, support BOD to outline the strategy of the company.



Wimal Gunasekera – Factory Manager

Our Factory Manager in Laos is a dedicated professional having collected over 25 years’ experience with his academic and professional background of Industrial Engineering, backed by his qualification with his National Diploma in Technology/Production Engineering from the University Of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka. His career began in 1986 as he worked with German technicians in Sri Lanka and in early 1991, he moved to Vietnam as one of the first technicians who contributed immensely to the establishment of the company in Vietnam. In early 1994 he was assigned to the Laos plant and the past 16 years has seen his dedicated service take the plant into optimum efficiency, achieving quality standards and providing professional satisfaction to the company’s owners and shareholders. His main objective is to run the plant efficiently with modern techniques and to guide his team in ensuring the company’s successful operation well into the future. In his spare time he indulges his keen interest in studying the vast sociological area of human behavior.