Venture International (Vietnam) Joint Stock Company


Located on Highway No5, km 40, some 75 kilometers from the Noi Bai International Airport and some 60 kilometers from the Hai Phong port, the company’s location is conveniently for the import and export of goods.


Venture Vietnam has 20,000 m2 production workshops which houses more than 1,500 staff, many of whom have worked in the factory from the early days of the company’s inception. In addition to wages and income, Venture Vietnam’s employees also receive allowances for travel, food and seniority.


For gazette, national and company-endorsed holidays and planned breaks, such as the end-of-year wrap-up or for Women’s Day, Venture Vietnam often organizes group excursion and trips for its employees. As the majority of the company’ employees are predominantly female, the company places emphasis on the benefit of these holidays and excursions to the well-being of its employees. There are numerous extra-curricular activities planned and held for its employees, including communal activities such as health care and nutrition programs for mothers and children and cooking contests.


The company also focuses on the importance of well-prepared and timely meals for its workers, more so for special occasions. There are two canteens within the company premises which have been inspected and duly certified to exacting standards of hygiene and safety. In addition, medical clinics are also provided for the workers which have been approved for standards and as safe facilities.


The company organizes training courses on fire protection annually (in addition to being certified for ISO 9000-9001 and SA8000) as protection is of utmost importance.


Organization Chart In Vietnam:



Venture International (Lao) Joint Stock Company Limited


Geographical location: The factory is situated in Sainamngum Vilage, Vientine, Lao.P.D.R. It is 12 kilometres away from the “Wattay” International Air Port and five kilometres away from a well-known shopping center called the “Morning Market”. Vientiane is the capital city of Lao.P.D.R, a landlocked country in South East Asia bordering five countries: Thailand, China, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), and Cambodia, connected by border post entries.


Venture Laos workers are known to be gentle and polite people. Very much concerned and guided by nature and Buddhism, they are equally dedicated hard workers who possess a good sense of discipline. There are more than 1,000 workers employed by the company with modern production facilities in an area of 10,000 m2.


Venture Laos also follow International Standards in maintaining quality of life for its employees and quality of its products. It achieved both SA 8000 and ISO 9001 certification


Organization Chart In Laos: